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Bibor_collar our story


When the first rescued greyhound became part of the family, we tried to get to know its needs as thorough we could along its anatomical and mental endowments. We discovered stereotypes and understood what it meant to be born to run. To experience what a bliss is to them to live for what nature has created for their character is truly uplifting.



However, it’s not easy to take care of our greyhound. Besides special harnesses, most collars do not provide comfort and reliability simultaneously. As restless greyhound owners, we were confronted with wounds and bald spots around the neck or larynx area. We were looking for a solution, so we created the patented bibor® design.

Bibor_collar reused


We select our materials and leathers with special attention. We combine the most exciting textures and patterns on the outside, and the softest pieces on the inside, as that touches the dog’s fur and skin.

A significant part of the leather we use is ethical, we recycle scraps from other leather industries, so all our colour combinations are limited. Some designs are made from such small leftover material, that we only can produce 1 or 2 pcs collar. In this way we can create something beautiful and save the leather from becoming waste.


Bibor_small_142 (2)
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These collars are more than just a fashion accessory. Our team has worked for months to develope the special bibor® shape and edge design to prevent our dogs from injuries and to ensure better ergonomics.

The extra width combined with the wave format gives better support to breeds with longer and slimmer necks like greyhounds. The exceptional soft padded bibor® edge shaping protects the delicate areas of the neck.

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